Excel > Charts

Excel > Charts

You must have heard a saying "an image is worth thousand words", chart does the same.

Chart presents the data in pictorial form so you do not need to read minute details by going to each and every cell. It is dynamic and directly linked to data so when you change the data, the chart changes in real time.

In this section, we shall learn how to create different types of charts in MS Excel.

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  1. Create a Chart
  2. Chart axes, legend, data labels, trendline
  3. Change chart type, switch row/column
  4. Combination chart
  5. Secondary axis chart
  6. Column chart
  7. Line chart
  8. Chart style, filters and elements
  9. 2D & 3D Pie Chart
  10. 2D & 3D Bar Chart
  11. 2D & 3D Area Chart
  12. Scatter chart
  13. 2D & 3D Bubble chart
  14. Sparkline Chart
  15. Thermometer Chart
  16. Gantt Chart
  17. Easy Pareto Chart
  18. Error Bar to Chart

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