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ASP.NET MVC How to get the url of the action method? 129255
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AngularJS How to update data on the server using HttpPut method in AngularJS? 106271
ASP.NET MVC How to insert a record into database in ASP.NET MVC? 94275
ASP.NET MVC How to delete a record from the database? 87262
ASP.NET MVC How to list the data from database in ASP.NET MVC? 76876
Misc. Just a minute (JAM) session topics on Hyderabad city and its history. 75314
ASP.NET MVC How to specify primary key and foreign keys relationship to the Models in ASP.NET MVC? 74086
AngularJS How to delete data from server using HttpDelete method in AngularJS? 73451
ASP.NET MVC How to handle error in controller action method and pass error to the View? 71427
SQL Server How to specify auto-increment column in the database while creating a new table in SQL Server? 69024
ASP.NET MVC How to redirect the user to another route url? 66559
AngularJS How to pass arguments to controller methods in AngularJS? 66352
AngularJS How to perform on change event operations in AngularJS? 65020
JavaScript How to change image source using JavaScript? 61486
CSS3 How to animate text from right to left using CSS 60554
ASP.NET MVC How to return a partial view from controller action method? 58789
ASP.NET MVC How to access form data into the controller using Request? 58364
JavaScript How to return the name of the current day in JavaScript? 57007

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