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As per TypeScript official website,

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.

It was introduced by Microsoft in 2012 and it is completely open source. The compiled JavaScript runs in any browser on any operating system and on any host.

The main theme of Typescript is to provide useful tools for large scale applications by implementing the features like classes, type annotations, modules, inheritance, etc.

The features of TypeScript are enforced only at compile-time.

Some of the compelling benefits of TypeScript are following

  • Starts from JavaScript, Ends with JavaScript
    The syntax of TypeScript is almost similar to JavaScript that most of the web developer already know. Existing JavaScript code can be used along with the TypeScript generated JavaScript code.

  • Strong tools for large applications
    Types enable developers to use existing development environment and practices like static checking, statement completion, refactoring etc.

  • Scalable
    TypeScript offers classes, interfaces, modules and data type that help to take advantage of existing robust programming language features. These code gets compiled into simple JavaScript code that runs in any browser.

The importance of TypeScript is going to be more and more with the popularity of several JavaScript frameworks like Angular2, Knockout etc.

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