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Commercial Rent Agreement template in Misc.

How to prepare rental agreement for commerical as well as residential property

Instruction to modify below Rental Agreement Template

  • Download Rental Agreement template
  • Focus on "Bold words" that needs to be replaced as per your requirement.
  • Replace appropriate data at the placeholder starting with "<" and ending with ">".
  • Change the "Schedule 1" at the last of the agreement as per your requirement.
  • Change the rent or advance amount as per your requiement.
  • Change the duration as per your requirement.

Can I add/remove extra terms and conditions of this rental agreement?

  • This is the standard rental agreement however,
  • Yes, feel free to remove any point that is not applicable for you
  • Add any other point that is applicable to you

Printing the Rental Agreement Template

  • Purchase the government Stamp paper (generally sold nearby courts)
  • Print 1st page of the agreement on the stamp paper (Give enough space at the top so that your print doesn't come over already printed stuffs -  the template already has enough space at the 1st page however better to print on the blank page first and then see if that will fit on the stamp paper, if not increase space)
  • The 2nd page onwards can be printed on the normal A4 size paper

Signing the Rental agreement

  • Once the agreement is printed, it should be sign by both the Owner and the Tenant on the last page in front of the witness
  • Witness signature is must
  • Both parties must also sign on each page of the agreement


This Agreement is made at <CityName>, <StateName> on <Date> between <Owner Name>,  <Father Name>, residing at <Address> hereinafter called the Owner (which expression wherever the context so requires, shall mean and include her heirs, executors, and assigns of the one part),


<Tenant Name> d/o <Father Name>,  residing at <Address> herein after referred to as the Tenant (which expression shall wherever the context so requires or admits mean and include its successors) of the other part;

AND WHEREAS the Owner is the absolute owner of the property/premises located at <Premises Address> described in the Schedule I attached hereto, hereinafter referred to as the Premises.

AND WHEREAS the Tenant has approached the Owner to give the said Premises on rent for use and occupation by the Tenant, as his/her shop and the Owner has agreed to the same on the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned.


  1. The “OWNER” agreed to let out the premises on rent and the “TENANT” agreed to take this premises to run his/her/their legal business activities.
  2. That the monthly rent is agreed at Rs.15350/-(Rupees File Thousand Three Hundred Fifty only) including 350/- maintenance (maintenance is subject to change as per building association decision), payable by the “TENANT” to the “OWNER” on or before 5th day of every month.
  3. That the “TENANT” shall establish his/her/their own Office and shall not sublet the premises to any other party.
  4. That the “TENANT” has to bear the electricity charges and any other charges levied by the building association and pay the same on time.
  5. That the “TENANT” has to use the said premises in good habitable conditions and shall not damage or alter the condition and shall return the premises in the same conditions as they have taken the said premises on rent with this rental deed.
  6. That the “TENANT” shall have to vacate the premises peacefully in case the rent is not paid consecutively for 2 (Two) months.
  7. The “TENANT” shall permit the landlord or his representative to inspect the premises at any point in time.
  8. The “TENANT” has paid an advance amount of Rs. 60,000/-(Rupees Sixty thousand only), to the “OWNER” towards the advance for the said premises and the advance shall be repaid by the “OWNER” to the “TENANT” after 1 (One) monthOF VACATING THE SAID PREMISES and refund amount would be after deducting the damage (done by the Tenant, if any) repairing cost.
    1. That the “TENANT” and the “OWNER” are at liberty to give 2 (Two) months’ notice for vacating the premises.
    2. That the tenancy period is for 11 months with effect from <Date of Tenancy started> and further it can be extended with mutual consent of the “OWNER” and the “TENANT” subject to enhancement of the rent @15% for next 11 months period. 


In witness where of both the “OWNER” and the “TENANT” here in above has signed this rental deed on the day, month and year as mentioned above.




1.                                                                                                     SIGNATURE OF “OWNER”


2.                                                                                                    SIGNATURE OF “TENANT”


Schedule I

List the Inventory, furniture’s, Electrical Fittings etc.

  1. Floor – Green carpet
  2. Fan – 1 ceiling fan
  3. Tube – 2 big and 2 small tubes
  4. Standard electronics switchboards and plug points
  5. Front door glass and aluminum partition
  6. Wall Royal paint

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