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Reviewing adsense account in YouTube in Misc.

How to review your adsense account association in YouTube.com?

Sometimes its very difficult to navigate to YouTube.com page where adsense account association details are kept for view and modification. So here is the step to follow to go to adsense association page and review / modify your details.

If you have access to YouTube content management system 

  1. Go to Settings overview page by going to https://www.youtube.com/content_owner_settings (ensure that you are logged in as owner or navigate yourself from top-right account detials drop down to the owner account instead of Channel account). This looks like below.

  2. Now, click on Pencil icon at the right side against Adsense and follow the steps.

  3. On next page, click Continue to Adsense and follow steps.

If above steps doesn't work follow below

If you do NOT have access to YouTube content management system


  1. Go to Monetization page by going to http://www.youtube.com/account_monetization

  2. This leads to Review or change adsense association page, now click on Change.
  3. Follow steps of Google account sing in and other steps.
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