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  • The Charminar was constructed by Mohammad Quli Qutab Shah (5th sulthan of Qutub Shahi dynasty) in the year 1591, after shifting the capital from Golconda to Hyderabad.
  • Currently it is the one of the most important and famous historical places of Hyderabad as well as Telanagan Tourism
  • There are two stories behind the construction of Charminar, those are
    • Some people says that the Mohammad Quli Qutab Shah built it in honor of his beloved half Bhagyamati (Bhagyamati).
    • Others says that it is constructed as a mark to the end of pleague (disease) in Hyderabad city.
  • The construction of Charminar is massive and impressive in structure with four minarets and four imposing arches (Each 11m wide and 20m high) on four sides of the Charminar.
  • Charminar is built of granite, pulvarised marble, limestone and mortar, we can find indo islamic architecture in Charminar.
  • This construction named as Charminar, because of four minarets on the top (In Hindi meaning of Charminar is four minarets).
  • This is an square shape construction (All sides are equal), the side measures are 20 meters each and the height of each minarete is 48.7 meters from the ground
  • It is situated on the east bank of Musi river, to the west lies the Laad Bazar (commonly called as Bangle bazar and it is fmous for bangles and ornaments made of pearls), to the southwest lies the Makkah Masjid.
  • The landmark (Charminar) became a global icon of Hyderabad as well as India.
  • A mosques is located on the top of the charminar, at the western end. This mosques called as the oldest mosque among all the remaining in Hyderabad.
  • Now a days controversies became most common in every part of the world, it happened in the history of Charminar also. Bhagyalakshmi Temple located at the base of Charminar. This became the center of controversy in 2012 with the article published by the indian The Hindu newspaer. Click here to know about the controvercy
  • To know more about all the history of Charminar, click here.
  • Places to visit near Charminar are
    • Mecca Masjid
    • Chowmallah Palace
    • Salar Jung Museum
    • Nizam Museum
    • Nehru zological park
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