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What is the caste of PV Sindhu?

Okay, many people in India particularly from Telangana (where she belongs to) and Andhra Pradesh (earlier Telangana was part of Andhra Pradesh) are searching for Caste of Badminton player PV Sindhu.

The search of PV Sindhu caste was so high that it started trending in Google Search. Many news paper made this news at their breaking news saying "People are more interested about PV Sindhu's caste than her achievement" or something like this.

PV Sindhu caste

Even foreign media slapped this activity of Indian and labelled as bias or 18th century though process.

Now the question is why and who are the people searching for PV Sindhu caste? Here might be some of the reason

  1. To connect with her to get some personal benefits or favour
  2. To connect with her to invite in caste specific function to feel proud
  3. To connect with her and invite her to be part of their parties/group, particularly politicians. We feel the number of people searching for PV Sindhu caste are these people.

Even now when India is growing at the fastest rate in the word, we have reached to the moon and many other planets there are politicians/people who are looking for chance to get benefited in elections by any hook and crook.

Caste of PV Sindhu

To those who are looking for caste of PV Sindhu, here is the answer based on what we thing.

PV   S I N D H U

So if you notice above, her name contains "IND" that is the first 3 letters of our country India. So you can easily guess that her caste is Indian ;)

So please treat her as Indian, not specific to her sub caste, color or religion. Be proud of her and many others who play, work, fight for the country.

PV Sindhu, we are proud of you dear !

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