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Resolved - Mi 4i recovery 2.0.1 stuck at 99% in Misc.

Resolved - How to fix the problem of Mi 4i recovery 2.0.1 update stuck at 99%?

When you get a notification message in your Mi phone (Mi4i or others) to update your mobile phone, you may face the problem while updating.

Updation goes well till 99% and then you feels that it gets stuck, no progress happens after 99% even after waiting for few minuets.

  1. The solution of this problem is to keep patience :). Yes, you may wait for few minutes and then start feeling that your phone have got stuck but wait, it is still working in the background and trying to upgrade your phone. So do not worry.

  2. If the patience does't work and you have already waited for more than 10-15 minutes, then press the power button and hold for few seconds. It should reboot your phone. However after rebooting also, it again starts the updation and you will feel that it again stuck at 99% but do not worry let it happen and again wait for more minutes than last time and you will notice that it will update 100%, go into reboot mode and then after few minutes your Mi phone has been updated successfully.

Even if above steps doesn't work for you and you have already waited for longer time then google it, you may need to flash your Fastboot ROM to solve the probem.

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