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How to correct Mi4i mobile speaker sound automatically decreasing problem?

Mi4i is a new stunning phone came to market in recent days however this phone has a strange problem. When you plug-in the external mic and then remove it you may experience very low sound coming from the external speaker. Even if you increase the volume to the highest it comes very very low.

Sometimes, when you start the song the volume will be high but decreases automatically. This is very frustrating issue and there is no solution given by Mi4i team till now.

Here is the solultion of this problem, follow below steps

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down untill you find "About phone", tap it
  3. Scroll down and find "Kernel Version", tap it multiple times (at least 3-4 times). This takes us to "Hardware tests"
  4. Now tap on "Speaker PA Calibration Test", this opens up another window with "Calibrate" button
  5. Tap on "Calibrate" button this will calibrate the sound system and when it is "pass" you are done. If the calibration fails, stop any application running related with volume like playing song and try again till it is pass.

Now play any song and you are booming already! Your sound volume is back to normal. Start booming !

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