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Accept credit card payment on mobile in Misc.

How to guide on accepting payment on mobile devices like Android, iOS, Windows phone etc?

Mobile apps are no more new to anyone now and it goes without saying that most of the business are happening on mobile now. Accepting credit card payment or online payment on mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android and window phone etc. are ideal ways of doing the business on mobile.

Accept credit card payment on Mobile Adroid iOS

There are different ways of accepting payment on mobile devices and let's see them.

Accepting payment on mobile website

In case you have a mobile website and you want to accept payment via the mobile website, PayPal Mobile Express Checkout is the way to go. In Mobile Express Checkout, PayPal asks the shipping and other information from the user and provides the response back to the website. This is better than just Express Checkout as Mobile Express checkout is optimized for different mobile devices and it's web pages are responsive enough to embrass the screen.

Here is how PayPal Mobile Express Checkout works

  1. User clicks on "Checkout with PayPal button"
  2. Logs in to PayPal
  3. Reviews the transaction details on PayPal
  4. Confirms the order and pay from your (Merchant) website.
  5. User receives the order confirmation

Note that in the entire process user doesn't leave Merchant website. All happens as an inline popup.

Read more about PayPal Express Checkout here.

The Mobile Express Checkout (MEC) needs few changes in the value we pass to the PayPal and these values discussed here. Mobile Express Checkout (MEC) also provides option to the buyer to pay the money without logging to the PayPal as a Guest. The eBook on best practices for Mobile Checkout can be downloaded from here.

For Indian website, CCAvenue provides responsive checkout that can also be integrated. Know a discussion thread on CCAvenue integration here.

Accepting payment in Mobile Apps

To accept payment in Mobile Apps (like Android, iOS or Windows Phone), we can use PayPal SDKs dedicated for each operating systems.

Accepting payment on Android devices

To accept credit card payment on Android devices, we can use PayPal Android SDK that can be downloaded from Github.

Accepting payment on iOS devices

To accept payment on iOS deviecs, we can use PayPal iOS SDK that can be downloaded from Github.

Before we start using PayPal SDK for Android or iOS, we need to register our apps and ourself as receiver to PayPal that gives client ID and secret keys that need to set while making request so that payment comes to our account.

Go to Manage Application under developer.paypal.com and follow the steps.

There are some ready made options as well that is provided by Braintree (owned by PayPal) that gives much better integration with Mobile Apps and support many online payment options. Try a demo here.

Accepting payment on Moble POS (Point of Sale)

To accept payment on Mobile POS, SquareUp is the best way to go that gives following feature all in one

  1. maintain sales history for tax purpose
  2. hide confidential data
  3. works offline even if internet is not there and when connected the data is synched
  4. manage inventory (add/remove/edit)
  5. very very user friendly.

All these comes free initially.

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