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List of .Net tutorials websites

Below are the list of .NET community tutorials/guide website (supported by .net community developers) that are popular and reliable source of learning .NET Technologies.

  1. asp.net - The official asp.net website developed and maintained by Microsoft(R). This website has tutorials, forums and other official information about asp.net technologies. .NET related softwares can also be downloaded from this website.

  2. channel9.msdn.com - A website by Microsoft where developers from Microsoft creates videos on different microsoft technologies and release it. A good place to learn .net technologies.

  3. CodeProject.com - This is older and reliable website where developers from around the world writes about different technoloiges. Generally, the articles written on this website is reliable and in-depth. You can bet on the topics explained on this website and assume to be the best available.

    We can find articles, discussion forums etc.

  4. DotNetFunda.com - This website is primarily for beginners and intermediate level professionals where we can find reliable and comprehensive article to start learning and working on the real time projects.

    We can find asp.net web development related articles, real time interview questions and answers, discussion forums, code snippets, career advice, video tutorials, and step by step tutorials as well.

  5. C-SharpCorner.com - This is again a good website however many a times the articles and other tutorials you find here are not unique (already published on other websites or blogs) and not of excellent quality. The focus seems to be not quality but quantity.

    We can find articles, interview questions, forums, code snippets, blogs etc.

  6. StackOverFlow.com - Despite StackOverFlow is a question answer website where any body can ask question and any body (need to be a member) can answer however this is also a good place to learn asp.net and other technologies.

    Simply follow the questions of interested technologies and read their answer. Practice them and you will learn those technologies faster and easier.

  7. DotNetPerls.com - A good website to learn selected topic of a particular technologies. Explanations are very crisp and to-the-point. Written by developer and for the developer. Not for a step by step learning but topic wise learning.

  8. DotNetSpider.com - One of the oldest website for .net technology related content. Earlier, it used to be very active websites for beginners developers however slowly things have changed.

  9. DotNetCurry.com - A good website for random articles on web development, not focussed on only .net technologies but differnet other technologies.

  10. Last but not the least, websites like this (http://TechFunda.com, TutorialsPoint.com, W3Schools.com may also be useful).

There are other websites however we have not included in the list as we didn't find them really useful. If you find any website that should be the part of this list, let me know (contact through contact us page and this website webmaster will let me know about it and I might update this post).

Thanks for reading.

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