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Difference between alpha, beta & production releases in the software development

The terms (stages) alpha release, beta release and production or official releases are extremely useful/used in the software development (Project).

These terms indicates the position of the project, i.e where we are in a project and what expectations we will have technically at the particular stage.

Alpha release

Alpha release is nothing but the website or an application is designed at initial stage and it is working, but some functioning is missing and also finding the number of known and unknown bugs at the initial stage to fix.

The main aim of alpha release is to allow the users to test the website or application, so that they can give their feed back on bugs, color changing....etc to the technical team.

This feedback is generally given by logged on using bug tracking software such as OpenAtrium, Redmine, Trac,....etc.

The feedback received from users can be solved by the technical devolepment in a logical manner.

Beta release

Beta release is nothing but the website or an application is developed perfectly by fixing all the major issues after receiving feed back from the users and awaiting for the testing to be done.

The main aim of beta release is to show the full functioning demo of an website or an application. This time the technical team arise the feed back themselves and makes the website or application more perfect by adding by adding extra functionalities, by modifying the old functionalities,....etc.

Production / Official release

Production / Official release is nothing but open release, that means the website or an application has gone through testing i.e, quality assurence process and apporved that all the major & minor technical issues are identified and resolved.

This indicates the website or an application is fully functional and debugged, that means it ius ready to released to the public.

The difference between these three releases looks similar and sligtly change, but very complex to solve the issues and to fix the bugs. 

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