SQL Server > Query

SQL Server > Query

In this section we are going to learn about the Query in SQL server.


We use SELECT statement followed by database table field names to query records from the database.

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  1. Select database sql
  2. Selecting all columns
  3. Returning few columns only
  4. Return top n records
  5. Distinct (unique)
  6. Sort records from SQL server
  7. Sorting on multiple columns
  8. Sub query (nested query)
  9. Records having null value
  10. Not equals to in query
  11. Group by
  12. Filter in Group by
  13. Wild card characters
  14. Random GUID string
  15. Retrieve random records
  16. Merge two column
  17. Concatenate multiple fields
  18. Starts with query
  19. Convert rows into columns
  20. Transfer from one table to another
  21. Delete duplicate rows
  22. Joining tables form two different databases
  23. Default value for a nullable fields
  24. Pagination query

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