jQuery > Selectors

jQuery > Selectors

In this section we are going to learn about the Selectors in jQuery.

What are Selectors?

To work with an element on the web page, first we need to find them. To find the html element in jQuery we use selectors. jQuery provides many selectors out of the box. Here, we will learn many frequently used selectors. 

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  1. Selector
  2. All Selector(“*”)
  3. Class Selector (“.class”)
  4. Element Selector
  5. ID Selectors("#id")
  6. Mutliple selector
  7. :first-child - First child selector
  8. :last-child - Last child selector
  9. nth-child(n) - Nth child
  10. element[attribute*='value'] - Attribute contains
  11. element[attribute$='value' - Attribute ends with
  12. element[attribute='value' - Attribute equals to
  13. element[attribute!='value' - Attribute not equals
  14. element[attribute^='value' - Attribute starts with
  15. element[attribute~='value' - Attribute contains value in mid
  16. Button selector
  17. Closest selector

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