jQuery > Attribute related method

jQuery > Attribute related method

In this section we are going to learn about the Attribute related method in jQuery.

jQuery Attribute related methods are used to get and/or set the attributes of the html elements using jQuery. 

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  1. .addClass() - Add class to element
  2. .attr() - Get set attribute value
  3. hasClass (check for class attribute)
  4. .html() - Get set html content
  5. .append() - Append content to element
  6. .appendTo() - append source element to target
  7. .prepend() - Insert content at beginning
  8. .prependTo() - prepend content to target element
  9. .text() - Get set text of element
  10. .removeClass() - remove class from element
  11. .removeAttr() - Remove attribute from element
  12. .toggleClass() - Toggle class attribute
  13. .val() - Get or set the value of an element

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