jQuery > Introduction

jQuery > Introduction

In this section we are going to learn about the Introduction to jQuery.

jQuery is not a stand along different programming language but it is a well written, optimized JavaScript code that runs very efficiently and supports almost all browser of the world.

We would like to thank John Resig for such a nice invention of jQuery that really changes the way JavaScript code is written. Apart from John we would also like to thanks all the project team who is supporting the development of jQuery and enhancing it on regular basis.

It was almost impossible to write this small book without the help from jQuery.com website from where we have learnt and practiced jQuery. So lot of thanks to the team behind the jQuery.com website.

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  1. Understanding jQuery code
  2. What is jQuery
  3. Why jQuery
  4. Download and use of jQuery
  5. Executing jQuery Code
  6. Loading jQuery file from CDN
  7. Load local jQuery file if CDN is not available

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