jQuery > Ajax methods

jQuery > Ajax methods

In this section we are going to learn the Ajax in jQuery.

jQuery Ajax methods are used to load the data from server without page refresh. It also helps to capture events that fires at different stages of the Ajax request.

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  1. .ajax() - Asynchronous ajax request
  2. jQuery ajax header
  3. .post() & .get() - Get & Post request to server
  4. .getJSON() - Load JSON data from server
  5. .load() - Load web page content
  6. .serialize() - Serialize html form data
  7. .ajaxStart() - Register handler when 1st ajax request begins
  8. .ajaxSend() - perform operation at ajax send
  9. .ajaxSuccess() - Knowing ajax request is successful
  10. .ajaxComplete() - Knowing ajax request is complete
  11. .ajaxStop() - Knowing when all ajax request stopped
  12. .ajaxError() - Knowing if error occurred in ajax request

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