ASP.NET MVC > Action Invoker

ASP.NET MVC > Action Invoker

In this section, we shall learn about Action Invoker in ASP.NET MVC.

Action Invoker help us to create custom action invoker in ASP.NET MVC through which we will have the ability to invoke the action methods based on our logic, we can also redirect a particular action method request to some other action method within the same controller or other controller.

There are two ways to create custom action inovker in ASP.NET MVC

  1. By overriding the ControllerActionInvoker class of ASP.NET MVC in which we can override the InvokeAction method and write our behavior
  2. By implementing IActionInvoker interface in which we implement InvokeAction method and write our behavior

Let's see all of them in action in following posts

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