ASP.NET MVC > Views - Razor Engine

ASP.NET MVC > Views - Razor Engine

In thi section we are going to learn the Views - Working with Razor Engine in ASP.NET MVC.

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  1. Razor & benefit of Razor
  2. Declare a variable
  3. Comment in Razor view
  4. For each loop in Razor
  5. If condition in Razor view engine
  6. Switch case conditional operator
  7. variable data inside URL
  8. Mathematical operation in Razor view
  9. Writing text in between C# code block
  10. Custom helper method
  11. Namespace in Razor view
  12. Calling external method
  13. specifying a model in razor view
  14. Getting ViewBag / ViewData
  15. New read only view
  16. Form based Razor view
  17. Model based Razor view

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