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Delete Google Anlytics account in Misc.

How to delete Google Analytics account and properties?

To delete Google Analytics account, their properties and their views, follow below steps. (

Note: In order to delete Google Analytics account, we need to delete the View first, then Property and at last Account.

Warning: Be absolutely sure that you want to delete the account as it is ireversiable.

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account by going to http://analytics.google.com

  2. Go to Admin tab from the top Horizontal bar and you should be seeing a page something like below

  3. Google Analtyics Admin page
    Google Analytics

  4. Now click on View Settings from the View Column (3rd) and below page comes

    Google Analytics View

  5. Now click on Move to Trash Can button as highlighted at the top that deletes the Views of the proeprty.

  6. Similarly, go to Property Settings from the 2nd column that shows below page and click Move to Trash Can button to delete the Property.
    Google Analytics property settings

  7. Similarly, go to Account Settings from 1st column that shows below page, click on Move to Trash Can and it will delete the account.
    Account setttings

Once we have deleted the Views, Property and Accounts, we are redirected to the setup account page of Google Analytics.

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