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Export database from SQL server in SQL Server

How to export the database from SQL Server?

To export database, select Export Data … option by right clicking the database to export and going to Task > Export Data … option.

Select the Data source to export the data from, to export from the SQL Server, select SQL Server Native Client xx.x. Now, select the Server name. Choose the authentication type, depending on what type of authentication we have for the selected server. Finally, select the Database to export.

Click Next > that opens up another dialog box that allows us to select the destination. Depending on where we want to Export, select it from the Destination dropdown. In this case, we have selected Microsoft Excel.

Now write the path and file name where we want to save the exported database and select the Excel Version to export into.

Now click Next >. If proper Excel provider is installed; it will export the data into MS Excel format.

In case, we want to export the database on to another SQL Server, select SQL Server Native Client xx.xx from the Destination dropdown. Select the Server name and Authentication type. Now, select the Database on which we want to override or click New … button and write the completely new database name into the Name box and click OK.

Now, click Next > button on the Choose Destination dialog box. Now in the following dialog box, select the first Radio button as shown below that will copy all tables and views to the new database.

Click on Next >

Select the database tables from the list of tables from the source database. Click Next >

Now, click Next > and then Finish.

Clicking Finish, gives us the result like below that shows the success or failure status of each command executed to export the databse.

Note that exporting database will not export the Stored Procedure or functions from the source database, to create a exact copy of the source database, use Backup and Restore as explained in above points.

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