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Render/call a partial view from a content page (View) in ASP.NET MVC

How to render/call a partial view from a content page (View) ?

To render a partial view from the View page, we can either user @Html.Partial or @Html.RenderPartial helper method.

<hr />
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@{ Html.RenderPartial("_GetFileName"); }
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@Html.Partial returns MvcHtmlString that is the output of the Partial view. However @Html.RenderPartial view has been called in the code block (wrapped with @{ and } as @Html.RenderPartial method returns void and its result is written in the Response stream.


Here, we are assuming that _GetFileName.cshtml partial view exists in the same folder where the calling view exists. If not, ASP.NET MVC framework search for /Views/Shared folder for this view, if the view is not found there then it throws error.

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