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Nested partial view in ASP.NET MVC

How to call a partial view from another partial view in ASP.NET MVC?

To call a partial view from another partial view, we follow the same approach as we follow when we call partial view from the content page.

Let's take an example. 

Partial view 1

This is the code of 1st partial view.

View 1
<hr />

Notice that in above partial view, we are calling another partial view named "_View2" that is created below.

Partial view 2

This is the code of 2nd partial view.

View 2

Calling partial view

To call the 1st partial view into the content page, write below code


<hr /><hr />
    Html.RenderPartial("_View1"); // another way to call partial view   


Nested partial view output

The 1st set of View1 and View2 text is from @Html.Partial and 2nd set is from @Html.RenderPartial method.

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