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How to calculate Average, AverageIf, Median, Large and Small value in Excel?

In previous post, we learnt how to calculate different types of depreciation in MS Excel. In this post, we shall learn how to work with statistical functions in MS Excel.

AVERAGE function

AVERAGE function is used to calculate average of the range of given cells. In below example, B9 cell contains '=AVERAGE(B1:B8)' formula that gives average of B1 to B8 cell values.

Average function in Excel

AVERAGEIF function

AVERAGEIF function also gives the average of the range of cells however we can specify a condition as 2nd parameter/argument.

C9 cell contains '=AVERAGEIF(C1:C8, "<>6")' formula that calculates average of cells value between C1 and C8 only if the cell value is not equal to ('<>') 6. It means this funciton sums all cells value except B6 and divide by 7 (ignores B7 cell in the count).

AverageIf function in Excel

Similarly, the 2nd parameter can also be greater than ('>') or less than ('<'). D9 cell contains '=AVERAGEIF(D1:D8, ">6")' formula that calculates the average of only D7 and D8 cells.

AVerageIf another example in Excel

MEDIAN function

MEDIAN function is used to find the median value within a given range of cells. E9 cell contains '=MEDIAN(E1:E8)' formula that calculates median of E1 to E8 cell values.

Median function in Excel

LARGE function

LARGE function is used to find the nth largest value from the given range. F9 cell contains '=LARGE(F1:F8, 4)' formulat that gets the 4th largest value from F1 to F8 cell values. Largest values are calculated in descending order.

LARGE function in Excel

SMALL function

SMALL function in Excel is used to find the nth smallest number from the given range. G9 cell cotnains '=SMALL(G1:G8, 4)' formulat that gives the 4th smallest number from G1 to G8 cell value. Smallest number is found in asecnding order.

SMALL function in Excel

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