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Update sql statement in SQL Server

How to update records into the Sql Server database table?

To update records into SQL Server database, we can use Update sql statement as shown below.

First approach – using SQL Script

Update MyDetails SET
FullName = 'Ram Modified',
City = 'City Modified'
WHERE AutoId = 1

Here, we are modifying FullName and City column of the MyDetails database table record whose AutoId is 1.


Notice the Where clause, this where clause is very important. In case we forgot to mentioned the Where clause in the Update statement, all records from MyDetails table will get updated.

Always check for Where clause in the Update statement to avoid updating all records.

Second approach – using SSMS command

Choose “Edit Top xxx Rows” by right clicking the database table that opens up the table in update mode

Now modify the data by clicking on the editable cell and press Enter key to save the data.

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