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How to Hide Apps in Android

Is your friend or parent trying to look into some app in your phone? Sometimes just protecting the app with a pattern/password would raise more suspicion. Better to just hide it. I am going to show you two methods to hide your apps. Now, one of the method requires your phone to be rooted.

Using "App Hider" app [Root Required]:

1)  Install the app.

2) It will ask for root permission. Grant it.

3) Slide the screen from left and select settings.

4) Enable PIN protection.

5) Type and confirm the PIN you want.

6) Go back to the main screen.

7) Click on the screen and a list of apps on the phone appears.

8) Select whichever apps you want to hide and press 'Save' at the top right corner.

9) Now, the selected apps are hidden from the app drawer.

10) If you want to unhide the apps, come back to the app and select the app you want to unhide and press unhide.

11) Enjoy!

Another awesome feature of this app is that you can change the app name to avoid suspicion. For example, the default name of the App is 'AppHider', but you can change it to 'MySettings' which could avoid suspicion. The app name can be changed from settings.


Using Another Launcher:

Some launchers support this feature and some do not. Google Now launcher cannot be used to hide apps. I will tell you some good launchers to use or you can explore it yourself in play store. The problem is if you don't want to change the look of your phone, use the above method.


You can use Nova launcher or Smart Launcher to hide apps. There is no need to install a separate app for the purpose. App hiding feature is inbuilt in these launchers. I would prefer Smart launcher because it has a good looking UI and the app hiding feature is more convenient and flexible compared to Nova. But please install both and choose which you feel is better. These aren't the only launchers supporting App hiding. These are many launchers which can be found in play store.

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