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Discover the hidden games in you Android Phone in Android OS

Discover the hidden games in you Android Phone

Feeling bored and want to time pass playing some silly games? You can do that without installing any games from play store. Unfortunately, one of the method works only in Android Lollipop.

1) In Chrome Browser

I am sure most of you don’t know about the secret game in chrome browser. This works on any android version. Turn of the internet in your phone. Open chrome browser. Enter some web address. An error message shows up saying you are not connected to the internet. Notice there is a dinosaur above the text? Touch it. Now the game starts. You just have to make the dinosaur jump over the plants by touching the screen. Seems fun!!

Play dinosaur game in chrome browser.

2. The lollipop game in Lollipop devices

This one is available only on Lollipop devices. Go to settings. Scroll down all the way and select “About Phone”. Click the “Android Version” continuously until a new screen appears. Notice there is a circle at the center of the screen. Click it a few times and a lollipop appears. If you touch the lollipop, notice that the color changes. Do it a few times. Beautiful isn’t it! Now, long press the lollipop and a new screen pops up. Now, touch the screen and you will see a mini android shows up. You have successfully entered into the Official Lollipop game. You have to make the mini android cross the opposite lollipops that appear. You know, like the flappy bird game.

lollipop game       lollipop game

                                      lollipop game

Have fun playing these simple games!

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