C# > Interfaces

C# > Interfaces

In this section we shall learn about interfaces.


  • An interface is similar to class but it provides a specification rather than the implementation for its members. An interface is special in the following ways.
  • Interface members are implicitly abstract, In constrast, a class can provide both abstract members concrete members with implementation.
  •  A class can implement multiple interfaces. In contrast, a class can inherit from only a single class and struct can not inherit at all

The declaration of the interfaces

Interfaces are declared using interface keyword. Interface keywords are public by default

interface IExample
    void SampleMethod();

In the above code snippet we have declared the interface. We have defined the interface as Iexample  and we have defined the interface as voidSamplemethod() .

There  are different types of interfaces they are 

  • Multiple interfaces 
  • Explicit interfaces
  • Virtual interfaces

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