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Why ASP.NET Core? in ASP.NET Core

Why build on ASP.NET Core?

The first version of ASP.NET came around 2001 as part of .NET Framework overcoming the challenges faced by classic ASP for Windows environment web development.

Since it's inception, millions of applications have been developed and new features have been added in each releases of ASP.NET (from ASP.NET 1 to ASP.NET 4.5). These features were making ASP.NET base classes heavy and lengthy.

The new ASP.NET Core has been developed completely from scratch; a complete new architecture has been used and that is the reason ASP.NET Core is much leaner, modular framework.

The famous and base System.Web.dll is no more into ASP.NET Core as it is based on few set of granular and small packages from NuGet. So you no longer need to use a set of .dlls always in ASP.NET Core whether you need it or not. Just use only those .dlls that you need actually in your application (so light weight and simple). This helps ASP.NET Core application to become smaller, lighter, more secure, along with better peformance.

As against traditional ASP.NET, we no longer have ASP.NET Web Form, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API. Its all in one.

Benefits or ASP.NET Core

Below are benefits of ASP.NET Core against traditional ASP.NET

  1. Unified framework to build ASP.NET UI or Web APIs
  2. Modern client-side framework integration like
    • Gulp
    • Grunt
    • Bower
    • Bootstrap
    • Knockout
    • Angular
    • Stylingw with Less, Sass etc.
    • Bundling and minification
    • TypeScript
    • Browser link
    • etc
  3. Simple configuration systems based on .xml, .ini, .json files or Environment variables, command-line arguments, in-memory objects that are very useful for cloud hosting.
  4. Built-in dependency injection
  5. Light weight HTTP request pipeline
  6. Self-host or IIS hosting
  7. Side-by-side app versioning
  8. Completely open source through NuGet packages
  9. Can be built or un cross-platoform 
  10. Open source

ASP.NET Core is nothing but ASP.NET Core MVC

What is this means? It means ASP.NET Core application is developed using MVC Pattern (you have no choice but to follow this pattern), so all the benefits of MVC patterns comes automatically with ASP.NET Core.


  1. A well-factored web apps that follow Model-View-Controller pattern can be created
  2. A HTTP service that supports multiple formats and full support of content negotiation can be created 
  3. Built-in formatters for JSON and XML can be used, even custom formatter can be developed
  4. Model binding automatically binds HTTP request data to action method parameters
  5. Model validation automatically performs client side as well as server side validation
  6. Razor is by-default language to create view that is more natural and more productive when mixing with plain HTML
  7. Tag Helpers enable server-side code to participate in rendering HTML, CSS and JavaScript
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