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Environment Setup in ASP.NET Core

How to setup development environment for ASP.NET Core development?

In order to develop ASP.NET Core application, we need to setup the development environment. This requires

  1. Downloading .NET Core (to run ASP.NET Core apps) from Microsoft website.
    Please note that in order to develop ASP.NET Core application, you will need to download .NET Core SDK not the Runtime. Runtime version is only used to run the application and the ideal use is to install on the web servers.

  2. Downloading IDE (development environment) softwares like Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio.
    The full fledge ASP.NET Core application can be developed using Visual Studio Code as well however Visual Studio is recommended as it has tons of other benefits than Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio both are free to download.

Microsoft has provided Visual Studio free edition called Visual Studio Community edition that is free for students, individuals, and for very small teams (Read more about it on Microsoft website).

Visual Studio Community edition is a full-featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that can be used to develop web apps, APIs, Mobile apps and other types of apps.

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