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Why to Compile in an IL code in CSharp

Why compile to an Intermediate Language code?

But now the next question which itches is, why do we need to compile to half code (IL Code). If you think logically compiling on runtime will definitely hamper the performance of the application. Because now the application needs to be compiled and as well as executed this can increase the startup time of the C# application.

Compiling process is quiet complex. When a source code is compiled it also needs to take in to consideration the environment. Is the machine 32 bit or 64 bit , which type of OS it is and so on. As per that current environment the code is OPTIMALLY compiled.

Now when a developer compiles in his machine and if we do full compilation at that moment it will be optimally compiled as per that machine. If that full compiled EXE is executed in a different environment it’s highly possible that it can run slow if the environment is different.

So this does increase the startup time which is very minimal but there is considerable performance gain when the application is running.

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