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Understanding JIT in CSharp

What is JIT (Just in time compilation)?

While going through the previous step i.e. Step 4 you must be wondering so when does the final compilation happen?. Because at the end of the day machine only understands machine language and not half compiled code like IL code.

Note: - In Java language also we have half compiled code, its termed as “Byte Code”.

The final compilation is does by a sophisticated compiler termed as “JIT” Just in time compiler. This compiler comes in to action when the application starts running.

So below is how the compilation takes place: -

  1. C# code is compiled when you click on the build menu and this compiled code is thrown in the “bin” directory of the project. Please read Step 3 in case you have not understood how compiling is done in C#.
  2. Now when the end user clicks on the EXE at that moment JIT starts compiling in IL code in to machine code as per the environment.
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