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Directions in CSS3

How to change the text direction in CSS?


It specifies the direction of the text, the different direction properties are 

        div.x1 {
            direction: ltr;

        div.y1 {
            direction: rtl;

        div.x2 {
            direction: inherit;

        div.y2 {
            direction: initial;
    <div class="x1">Dotnetfunda is a online tutorial for beginners </div>
    <div class="y1">TechFunda is a online tutorial for beginners to learn step by step procedure</div>
    <div class="x2">ITFunda provides online and offline classes for the beginers </div>
    <div class="y2">KidsFunda provides entertainment for the kidfs and enjoying learning  </div>

In the above code snippet we are having direction properties which are used to align text in right and left side by using direction properties



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