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Why Bootstrap?

In the previous post, we learnt what is bootstrap? Now let us know why Bootstrap. As discussed in previous post, Bootstrap is a CSS, HTML, and JavaScript framework to design responsive mobile first project. So it has a lot many css styles, classes, components, icons etc. that is ready made and ready to use that too free of costs. There is a huge open source community supporting Bootstrap backed by twitter (Originally Bootstrap was a Twitter project).

There are many useful and ready to use plugins like Modals, Carousels etc. that are useful in almost all web projects.

Following are benefits of using Bootstrap into our projects

  1. Speed of development - Instead of reinventing the wheel and writing the css classes for responsive web design, use already written, web tested Bootstrap classes to speedify responsive web development.

  2. Mobile first design - With the advent of mobile devices, all web projects should be developed focussed on mobile platform first. Bootstrap is made for that. Flexible grid based layout automatically adjust itself based on screen sizes.

  3. Consistency - Different browser, screen and media consistency was a great challenge for the team of Bootstrap. It has been handled well in Bootstrap as it works in almost same way in all different browser, devices.

  4. Customizable - Bootstrap can be customized at the time of download itself from its official website. So no need to download a long big size of .css or .js files or depend on a specific type of theme or color. Everything can be customized (even what feature we want in Bootstrap) using customize tool from Bootstrap official website.

  5. Great community suport - With all awesome advantages of Bootsrap, it  also comes with a great community support where the continuous improvision happens by third parties.

  6. Futuristic development - Bootstrap supports all the latestt web standard of HTML5 and CSS3, so we do not need to worry about stucking with the older technologies.
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