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Special characters in JavaScript

How to display special characters in JavaScript?

Following are the list of characters that can be used to show the special characters to the users.

  • \’ – shows single quote character
  • \” – shows double quote character
  • \& - shows ampersand character
  • \\ - shows double back slash
  • \n – shows new line
  • \t – shows tab
Here we are using "\" (Back slash) as escape characters (escape character is used to override the following character default behavior) to display special characters.
 function AlertMe() {
    alert("\"This sentence has a double quote \", being displayed using escape character.!");

<input type="button" id="btnAlert" onclick="AlertMe()" value="Show Alert" />

In the above code, alert will show (double quotes) character in the alert message that is being displayed by using the escape character “\”.


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