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Delete & insert in HTML5

How to delete the markup text and insert the new markup text in paragraph in HTML5?

The <del> tag is used to mark the text deleted and the <ins> tag is used to mark the text inserted . Browser strikes the word in <del> tag and  underlines the word in <ins> tag.

    <p>Insert the illegal document and Delete the legal document.</p>

    <p><del>It strikes the Deleted word</del></p>

    <p><ins>It underlines the Inserted word</ins></p>

    <p> <del>Insert</del> <ins>Delete</ins> the illegal document and <del>Delete</del> <ins>Insert</ins> the legal document.</p>


In the above code snippet we use both the <del> tag and <ins> tag for marking them as deleted and inserted.


We can notice in the above output that browser striked the words in <del> tag and underlined the words in <ins> tag.

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