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What are different components of AngularJS?

There are many components of AngularJS that help us build cutting edge application, here are most of them

  1. Model - The data that is shown to the user. It is simple Plain Old JavaScript Object also called POJO.

  2. View - The viewable area or formatted data

  3. Controller - The business logic that drives the application

  4. Scope - A context that holds data models and functions.

  5. Directives - Extends HTML with custom elements and attributes

  6. Expressions - "{{ }}", used to access scope models and functions

  7. Template - HTML and additional markup in the form of directive and expressions

  8. Compiler - It parses the template and instantiate directives and expressions. In other words, compilation in AngularJS means attaching event listeners to the HTML element to make them interactive.

  9. Filter - It formats the value of an expression

  10. Data Binding - It sync data between model and view

  11. Dependency Injection - Creates and wires function and objects

  12. Injector - It is a container for dependency injection

  13. Module - A container for different components of the application like filters, controllers, directives etc.

  14. Services - resusable business logic
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