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Tabindex in HTML5

How to arrange navigation links using tab index

Tab index 

Tabindex is used to re-arrange the navigation of the page on press of tab key on the keyboard. 

 <h2>Tab index is used to arrange navigation links of tab button </h2>
    <a href="" tabindex="2">TechFunda</a><br>
    <a href="" tabindex="3">DotNetFunda</a><br>
    <a href="" tabindex="1">ITFunda</a>

In the above code snippet we defined tabindex, it is used to arrange the navigation links of tab button, we have tab index as 1 itfunda, 2 as techfunda amd 3 as dotnetfunda, it defines as when we press on the tab key of the keyboard while on the page it goes to the itfunda, next to techfunda and then to dotnetfunda.



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