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First line text-indent Property in CSS3

How to specify the indentation of the of the first line in a text-block in CSS3?

By using text-indent property we can specify the indention of the first line in a text-block.

        p {

    <h3>SN ITFunda Service LLP </h3>
    <p>We are a group of professionals having more than 10 years of real time working experience in Microsoft
       .NET technology.Our founder is Mr. SheoNarayan who has been awarded with several awards like Start 
        Entrepreneur Award, Microsoft MVP Award etc. He is also the founder of a very popular .NET Technology
        knowledge based community website www.DotNetFunda.com and several other websites primarily to share
        information and exchange knowledge like www.FundooVideo.com and www.FarmingFunda.com.</p>

In the above code snippet we have given text-indent property to the <p> element. So that the first line in a text-block moves away from the starting position and disturbed the total text in the <p> element due to the text-indent:110px property.


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