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Introduction in HTML5

Introduction to HTML5

The HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) was in saturation stage in 1999 when the development of HTML stopped after release of HTML 4. But as and when other technology keeps growing there was a need of more advanced HTML that can cater much other stuff that it was catering till now.

Companies like Google, Apple Opera and Mozilla (with a name of WhatTF – Web Hypertext Application Task Force / Working Group – WhatWG) collaborated and come up with a new version of HTML called HTML 5. This new version of HTML tries to bridge the gap between structure, rendering characteristic, style directives and current HTML. HTML 5 also introduced open standard to deliver multimedia content (audio, video), local storage, and several APIs (like geo-location APIs).

As the time pass, new and new features are being introduced in HTML5, we will see all of them in following posts.

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