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How to use the label tag in HTML5


Label tag is used to add the label to the input tags or check box, textarea, etc

  <h2 style="color:green"><i>Label tag is used to add labels in form controls, input tags. </i></h2>
    <label for="email"> EMAIL-ID:</label><br />
        <input type="email" name="emailid" size="30"><br /><br/>
    <label for="Password">PASSWORD</label><br />
         <input type="password"  name="password" size="40" maxlength="10" placeholder="Enter Password">
  • In the above code snippet we defined the label tag, we have label tags email and Password
  • The email label with the input tag renders the name as emailid with the size 30 
  • The label password with input tag renders the name as password with size as 40
  • The maxlength defines the length of the characters as 10
  • The placeholder  specifies a short hint that describes the expected value


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