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AngularJS How to delete data from server using HttpDelete method in AngularJS? 42311
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ASP.NET MVC How to get the url of the action method? 23225
AngularJS How to create custom directive with external template in AngularJS? 22229
ASP.NET MVC How to delete a record from the database? 21154
ASP.NET MVC How to specify primary key and foreign keys relationship to the Models in ASP.NET MVC? 20369
ASP.NET MVC How to redirect the user to another page from controller action method? 19812
ASP.NET MVC How to return a partial view from controller action method? 18164
AngularJS How to use AngularJS files from CNDs? 17926
AngularJS How to pass arguments to controller methods in AngularJS? 17371
ASP.NET MVC How to access data from querystring to the controller action method? 16946
Misc. Just a minute (JAM) session topics on Hyderabad city and its history. 16938
Misc. How to correct Mi4i mobile speaker sound automatically decreasing problem? 16751
AngularJS How to implement one way data binding in AngularJS 16388
AngularJS What is AngularJS? 16225
ASP.NET MVC What are the naming conventions to follow in ASP.NET MVC? 15799
AngularJS How to dynamically set CSS classes on HTML element in AngularJS? 15051
ASP.NET MVC How to list data from more than one tables (models) in ASP.NET MVC? 14428
ASP.NET MVC How to access form data into the controller using Request? 13509
AngularJS How to work with Radio buttons in AngularJS? 13421

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